I was born with this face!

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New Prince of Tennis; Golden age 98  "Seeking a higher summit"

Ryoma: “Say… Can you teach me how to hit that glowing shot?”

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solosorca said: Ryoma, Ciel and Furuya (and Kageyama, but I'm only allowed 3)

Awww thank you /blush


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ridiculous au post:

  • mob boss and their sweet little flame au
  • moved in together for tax benefits and good friendship au
  • seventh grade au
  • their moms met at bingo night and are trying to set them up au
  • my car broke down on the side of the road and you stopped to help au
  • started talking about menu items at a fast food drive-thru au
  • called a phone sex line as a dare au
  • cowboys au
  • getting their first tattoo and they’re nervous but the artist is really nice au
  • police partners au
  • got drunk and woke up in the wrong house with their pants unbuttoned au
  • trans au
  • came over to yell at you because your dog won’t stop barking and it’s four in the morning but you’re really neat au
  • 1930s hitmen duo au
  • we’re both in the high school’s qsa but are you the queer part or the straight part au
  • rival greaser gang leaders au
  • singer and instrument player at a 1920s speakeasy au
  • returning mail sent to the wrong address au
  • enemy soldiers during the christmas truce of wwi au

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Am I too late for this meme?

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