List of things that make me cry:

  • Everything

#ps chris-senpai is totally tezuka buchou #i swear to god #i have wasted too much tears on you two idiots #this is not okay #it's 3 fucking am and i'm crying while my mum is snoring away happily #why do i do this to myself

Artist: Echizen Ryoma
Track: "Kimi ga Matsu Ie Made Ato 6ppun"
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Kimi ga Matsu le Made Ato 6pun (6 Minutes Left Till I Reach Home 
Where You Are Waiting For Me)
Translation [x]

The sudden rain made my clothes wet

I trampled on a puddle

I look up to the sky and all I see…

Is the blue sky feigning ignorance, ah!

The colour is just like your eyes

Even though I’m walking on the street

La la la all I notice

And all I think about is you

Isn’t it a bit regrettable?

Look, I picked this

A present for you

I want to know more about how you feel

Are you satisfied with the way we are now?

Hm… I’m not good at this….

You probably think I still have a long way to go

It was bad that this morning was so cold

minutes till I reach home where you are waiting for me

I want to hear your genki voice

"I’m back" eh?!

……Do you prefer your meals over me, Karupin

The voice without words, what are you saying?

Are you not pleased with today’s meal?

Sky-coloured eyes, I can’t play with you often enough

It’s a bit regrettable, occasionally,

Do you also think about me?

I don’t understand your feelings at all

Don’t look at me fixedly with those eyes

"Stop! as I said…!" there is nothing I could do about you

I know, I lost. It was bad that this morning was so cold

There is still 6 hours till the alarm rings

Ssaa, lets go to sleep slowly

Good night… ugh?

You are heavy, Karupin

#prince of tennis #echizen ryoma #karupin #this is the cutest #for all of you who are going to sleep #here's to you #i just #urgh #i can't #this is so cute #my darling prince and his cat




Honestly though, Ryoma’s version of Tonde! Monde! split my sides because it was so funny to hear him doing all those impressions ESPECIALLY WHEN HE IMITATED KAIDOH and shfjfj he did all of that for sushi… /sobs

Congrats on reaching the end!  Your graphics are always so lovely darling.

/salutes back

I love that song so much, just behind Kimi ga Matsu Ie Made Ato 6pun which is SUPER DUPER CUTE AND BEST TO LISTEN BEFORE GOING TO SLEEP. Also, I have to agree with our darling prince there, FOODS ARE WORTH EVERYTHING. I can’t count the things I have done in the name of foods (especially free foods) /squish you

You are always too kind, darling! 

#kittykittyhunter #kitana remember that romcom idea #yeah i have an outline and scenes i need to extract #but i have been extremely lazy #this is my problem #i have ideas #and then i get lazy



I was working on editing some coding for a theme earlier and just ghjskf IT’S SO REWARDING BUT IT’S SO FRUSTRATING

If I sing in my sleep tonight the blame is on you solely Kitana.

I’m a very patient person, so I get frustrated easily when it comes to edit things and codes. But it is very satisfying to see the end result just URGH NO

#kittykittyhunter #it's like midnight here? #and pffftt for some reasons despite the fact that i have to bunk with my mum due to lack of room #i still stay up until ridiculous hour #and then wake up at ridiculous hour #like i look at the clock and went oh it's only midnight #in other news sports manga will be the death of me #and i will be on my deathbed but i will never stop talking about how much i love prince of tennis


you never realize how boring your life is until someone asks what you like to do for fun.

@Kitana: I’m just - why did I do this to myself Kitana? What kind of strange, masochist am I to do this????

(Thank you darling!!! I was like yeah I’m so pointless right now let’s stay up until 6am to do this shit)

#kittykittyhunter #kitana #can't wait to get your mail darling #so excited #also i realised pratically all my favourite characters in sports anime are the same #i have issues

There’s nothing more important or special as live theater


#so yeah #reading two manga at once online is harder than expected #man #i miss the days of actual paperback volume #slam dunk is pretty great #i have always been hesistant to get into the series given that i don't particularly like basketball #also i didn't used to like the drawing styles #but it's pretty okay #diamond no ace is getting better and better for me #furuya is still my babe #characters like that are my weakness

have I been so wrapped up in my grief for my wife that I have forgotten the one thing that matters to us most?

I love you so much my daughter. I shall spend the rest of my life making it up to you. 

we shall be together