i’d really like some wireless waterproof earbuds for shower time

❝ I admire her every day that she is willing to do this. I tell her, ‘I think you should take a week here or a week there, take care of yourself a bit more, because you are putting in an incredible amount of work here.’ But she says, ‘Look, I’m not happy when you’re not around.’ And that’s as good as it gets for me, and I’m obviously also not the same person when she and the kids are not around. ❞
- Roger Federer on wife Mirka (x)

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college is starting soon and i am still so deep in my 12-year-old mentality

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Growth: a follow-up to this post

Initially I want to add Ryoma as well because the Ryoma at the end of Prince of Tennis has grown so much from the lonely, arrogant boy at the beginning, but I got lazy. Anyway, I love the characters’ development of Kageyama and Furuya (so far). It’s incredibly heart-warming to see how they slowly learn how to be in a team and to rely on others, that there are always reliable team mates behind them.

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rent makes me really sad but then i think about the song that took roger a year to write and how it’s absolute shit and goddamnit roger no wonder you haven’t had a job in ages


when u stay up super late watching anime but then u get tired


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I haven’t read any of the manga, but Furuya is completely adorable and wonderful

if it’s possible he is even more of a dork in the manga

my love for furuya has no bound it’s terrible

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we need to talk about furuya satoru /rolls on the ground

i’m sorry but volume 28 though /cry a lot

sweet lil babe who is now actually good at fielding

sweet lil babe being in a team

sweet lil babe growing up

/continue to cry

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Sports anime bingo. Check off a space while watching whatever episode, and enjoy the knowledge that you’re going to hell.

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The best of Furuya Satoru ♛ Volume 28

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